Storage Solutions In The Bedroom

In this, the last of our storage series installments, we are going to be talking about solutions in the bedroom.  Organization in our bedrooms is key as research shows that we sleep better in clean, well put together rooms!  Get your sleeping space into gear with these easy ideas:

  • Headboard Storage Space:  Take advantage of any and all nooks and crannies afforded within your room.  The headboard is an often overlooked storage opportunity.  For a truly unique statement piece, consider having a customized built-in bookcase headboard installed to house lamps, books, knick-knacks, or photos.
  • Under Bed Stowaways: Utilize the space under your bed by packing it with storage bins filled with off-season clothing, extra linens, or other seldom needed items.  Use clear containers to keep items visible for future reference and attach casters or drawer pulls to make for easy access.
  • Expand Your Closet:  If you lack the proper storage space, it is hard to stay organized no matter how hard you try!  Bedroom storage centers on the closet.  If yours is simply too small for your needs, consider expanding your closet with a bedroom renovation.
  • A Place For Every Item: The key to organization (regardless of the room being organized) is to have a home for each and every wayward item, making cleanup and storage a breeze.  Consider those things that are most often found strewn about your room and designate a specific place for them.  For example, if your throw pillows can more often be found on your bedroom floor than the on the bed itself, place a large wicker basket in your room as a catchall for wayward bedding.  If your necklaces routinely end up tangled in a heap on your nightstand, place a few hooks just inside your closet door for an easy place to drop jewelry at the end of the day.

With this installment we are wrapping up our storage series, but stay tuned for more home improvement tips and renovation ideas in the weeks to come!  In the meantime, check-out our solutions regarding bathroomsbasements, andkitchens.