Seasonal Color for Your Home

Summer is a time of bright days and cheerful skies.  And with that in mind, we have color on the mind!  Color can be a powerful tool in your home.  It can set the tone for a room, it can evoke an emotion, or establish the ambiance of a space.  However, color can also be intimidating, especially if you are unsure how to use it.  Here are a few tips as well as our favorite color trends.

Rely On Neutrals: Color will always pop best when paired with neutrals (think gray walls with teal and cranberry accents).  Implement this summer’s color trends by using them as an accent to a more neutral backdrop.  Gray is currently considered one of the most popular neutrals as it is thought to be a color that will transcend time.

Use Accessories To Accent: Add color to your neutral backdrop through the use of accessories, art, and furniture.  Pillows, vases, a bold rug, or a statement chair are all great ways to add color to a room without overpowering it.  As an added benefit, when the fall comes and your color preferences change, you can easily adapt your accessories to welcome in your new “favorite” hue!

Draw Attention: Avoid the temptation to paint your favorite color on all four walls.  Instead use it to call attention to a key feature, an interesting architectural element, or focal point.  For example, painting your fireplace surround with your accent color can be a great way to feature your palette!

Summer Color Trends: So, which will be the hottest colors this season? According to the color gurus at PantoneTangerine Tango  will be this summer’s key color for design and fashion.  Benjamin Moore followed suit featuring their ownClaret Rose as part of their summer selection.  Green is also expected to be popular this summer, with hues on the lighter end of the spectrum, such as this hancock green, serving as an alternative for more traditional neutrals.