Backyard Improvements

In Minnesota, sometimes referred to as the land of two seasons – winter and road repair, that slim window in between known as summer is all the more precious.  Don’t waste your summer working in the backyard.  Instead, enjoy the season to its fullest while still making the most of your backyard with these simple fix-ups you can start on now, before summer is in full swing.

Stain The Fence: Spring is the perfect time to stain your fence in anticipation of the summer season.  Sunlight can degrade the lignin that bonds woods fibers, allowing water to penetrate and causing your fence surface to gray.  To avoid discoloration, stain your fence with a semitransparent stain fortified with UV blockers.

Create An Inviting Space: Invite family and friends alike to linger in your backyard for lazy afternoons or long conversations by creating a welcoming environment.  Create mood lighting by utilizing candle lanterns hung on shepard’s hooks, placed on railings, or hung from decking.  Not only do they require no wiring – they are also easy to move when the party heads in a different direction.  Also invest in seating.  Whether you choose to install an inviting swing or an intimate bistro table, seating encourages guests to stay a bit longer.

Go Green: Plants can bring your backyard from a bare terrain to a green oasis.  Lacking a green thumb?  Invest in pre-planted container plants or hanging baskets.  For maximum impact, select baskets that include lush and trailing plants.

Sound Selections: Transform a birdbath, a pot, or jug into a bubbling fountain.  Simply install a water pump inside your chosen vessel, plug it in and place a basin (to catch the water and recirculate) and listen to the soothing sounds of summer.

Storage Solutions: Just like indoors, storage can pose a problem outdoors as well.  Need a neat place to put your gardening tools or sandbox toys?  Install a custom-built outdoor cabinet under the deck or alongside the patio to create a simple storage solution.