Laundry Room Makeover Tips

Few people will list laundry as one of their favorite things to do.  And yet, do it we must.  If laundry is an inevitable part of life, you may want to consider spicing up your space with these laundry room makeover tips:

Functional Folding: Save time and avoid wrinkles by folding your clothes fresh out of the dryer.  Make a functional space for this task by building a folding station into your laundry room.  A custom cabinet or shelving until installed at counter height will provide the perfect solution!  Short on space?  Consider installing a pull out shelf to better maximize your available area or installing a laminate countertop over the length of your front-loading washer and dryer.

Iron It Out: Clothes still not wrinkle free?  Install a wall-mounted ironing board in your laundry room to tackle leftover wrinkles or quick touch-ups.

Cleaning Supplies: Keep all of your laundry supplies – detergents, stain removers, and fabric softeners – easily organized and within arm’s reach by storing them on a lazy Susan.

Lighten Up: As most laundry rooms lack natural light, consider a way to brighten up your space.  Install ample indoor lighting and paint the space a bright color to help liven up your laundry!  And don’t forget to utilize high-gloss paint for a durable, washable finish.

Don’t Floor Foolishly: Consider your flooring carefully.  Carpet or wood will not hold up well to damp towels or other common laundry room maladies and the all too common exposed cement floor can create a cold and gloomy space.  Instead we recommend tile flooring that can be easily wiped clean and left looking fresh and friendly for your next laundry room visit.

Drying Dilemma: With limited floor space, a drying rack is likely not on the agenda for most laundry rooms.  However, don’t give up on your dream of indoor drying just yet.  Consider installing a wall mounted pull-out drying line for a retractable drying option.  Or utilize wall space by mounting an accordion style drying rack – perfect for dying delicates!