Family Friendly Home Design

Let’s face it – family friendly homes are meant to be lived in! But just because you have an active family does not mean you need to throw in the towel when it comes to home design.  Instead, strive for a comfortable and attractive space able to hold up to your family and all the loving fun your brood can dish out!  The best place to start?  Choose family friendly foundations:

Walls: Walls often see the brunt of family beatings.  Whether its sports gear being tossed against the baseboards or white walls serving as your young artist’s newest palette, walls have to stand up to a lot!  Above all, opt for wipeable paint such as eggshell, satin, or semigloss.  Another great option – designate an art acceptable zone by painting one wall with chalkboard paint.  Just be sure to install a frame around your application to ensure the designations are clear!

Furniture: Opt for heavy furniture fabric – the better to protect your seating.  Safe, stain-friendly bets include vinyl, leather, or ultrasuede.  Still, invest in a stain-resistant finish for your all custom ordered pieces and take the time to scotchguard those that come right from your local big box store.  When possible, invest in a slip cover or cushion covers that can be removed, washed, and replaced as need.

Also, invest in the best quality furniture pieces that you can afford.  While your instinct might be to purchase cheap items that can be easily broken, disposed of and replaced, a high quality couch or chair should be able to withstand some beatings and carry your family through more easily than lightweight disposables.

Flooring: Choose floors that can be easily wiped clean with a damp mop.  Family friendly choices include tile, wood, laminate, or linoleum.  If you are looking for a carpeted option – perhaps for a new crawler – opt for an area rug as opposed to wall to wall carpet.  Not only can it be more easily replaced, it can also be sent to the cleaners for a quick fix.  Choose one with easy to clean low pile for simple maintenance.