Home Gym Design Ideas

Are you health conscious but hate going to the gym?  Who can blame you!  The inconvenience of getting dressed and driving to an often overcrowded facility to fight with other gym-goers for the most coveted piece of equipment can leave even the most fitness oriented among us burnt out.  Instead, consider building or adding a personal gym to your home.  You can work out in your grubbiest sweatpants, have first dibs on your favorite machines, and enjoy your best workout jams without having to worry about other guests.  The best part?  Your home gym won’t come with a hefty annual membership fee.  Ready to get started?  Use these tips and tricks to get your home gym underway.

  • Use Your Space Wisely: When you think of a home gym, floor to ceiling mirrors and vast open space may come to mind.  But in actuality a gym can be quite space conducive.  A small spare bedroom or a basement bump out may be all you need to get your groove on.  Start by determining what kind of space you need.  If cardio is your main concern, plan your room around a few key pieces of equipment such as a treadmill or an elliptical machine.  If your room will most likely be used for pilates or yoga, open floor space and a serene environment will take priority.
  •  Create A Mood Boosting Space: Workouts don’t need to take place in a sterile environment.  Instead pick a mood boosting color palette!  Use shades of blue or green – both which have been found to have motivational properties.  And what is a workout without a great soundtrack?  Install a high quality sound system, complete with iPod deck to blast your favorite tunes.  Or consider installing a flat screen television to help keep boredom at bay.
  •  Add Amenities: You will use your space the most if it has everything you need in one place.  Install a small refrigerator for chilled water or post-workout protein drinks, consider a towel warmer for workout wipe ups, and rely on custom cabinetry to create storage solutions for each of these appliance needs.  A ceiling fan will help to move air and will provide a pleasant reprieve in the middle of your routine.  And that mirror we mentioned above?  Probably not a bad idea – install a mirror to check your form and keep your workout on track.