Project Feature: Warm Two-Tone Kitchen

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We always enjoy collaborating with our friends at The Cabinet Store, and today's kitchen renovation might just be one of our favorites (however, we reserve the right to change our mind). Isn't it warm and inviting? It's the kind of space that makes you want to linger a little longer over an extra cup of coffee or gather with family to bake holiday treats.

These Farmington homeowners wanted their kitchen to feel modern and updated, but still full of arts-and-crafts-style simplicity. Achieving this mix of fresh trends and classic design was all about balance. For example, the white Showplace Pendelton cabinets are very in fashion, but they're accented by very traditional cherry cabinetry as well. The copper farmhouse sink also plays to current trends while reflecting a timeless sense of style. 

Cambria Windermere countertops and a tile backsplash provide a clean backdrop for weeknight dinner prep and hosting elegant meals. Bright undercabinet lighting and the clear glass panes that flank the kitchen sink all add to the feeling of cozy charm. Explore more images and design details from this stunning remodel below! 

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