Spa Style: Luxurious Bathroom Upgrades

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New Year, new home? Are you daydreaming about remodeling in 2018? One of the most common rooms we update for our clients is the master bath. We all know, a dated bathroom stands out like a sore thumb; it's hard to hide that 60's pink tile or 80's vinyl floor. You begin and end each day in your bathroom, shouldn't it be a place that puts you at ease?

Ready to start creating your own luxurious personal spa? Read through our top bathroom upgrades below!

Soaking Tub
Nothing says relaxation like a warm bath after a long day. A big, beautiful soaking tub isn't just spa style at its best; it's also a design opportunity. A classic clawfoot tub or a modern masterpiece is the perfect statement piece. 

Mood Lighting
Whether you're trying to create a calm bathroom oasis or a refreshing setting for your morning routine, lighting makes all the difference. Strategic accent lights or playful sconces could set a low-key mood, while plenty of bright, natural light will help you greet the morning with glee. 

Walk-in Shower
Another popular spa-inspired bathroom trend is the oversized walk-in shower. From rain showers to double heads to smart technology to steam features to luxury finishes, shower design has come a long way in the past few decades! 

Statement Vanity
Our next recommended bathroom upgrade is an eye-catching statement vanity. His and Hers sinks will never go out of style, and lots of extra storage doesn't hurt either. We especially love vanities that look more like a piece of accent furniture than regular a bathroom sink.

Open Storage
The last piece of the puzzle is lots of simple, elegant, open storage. Think of this as more curated storage, like the uncluttered shelves of towels and products at an upscale salon or spa. It's about creating a peaceful environment that only includes what's practical for daily life and visually appealing.