Preparing for Your Remodel

Many people describe a long-awaited remodel as their dream project. We've all heard it before, right? "I'm finally going to get my dream kitchen!" "We can't wait for it to be finished - it's our dream master suite!" "I've been dreaming of - fill in the blank - for years!" 

It's understandable to consider renovating a fantasy come to life. However, we can't help but think that this mindset might set unrealistic expectations. Remodeling is certainly exciting and eventful, but it's also construction, which often makes life more complicated.

Yes, your finished kitchen may be a dream come true, even so, getting there might be less than a picnic at times. A few bumps in the road are normal for most remodels; an expert contractor can help you navigate them. Honestly, the real trick is adjusting your expectations at the outset. Read our top tips for maintaining perspective below!

1. Create a Sanctuary. Before you even get started, designate a construction-free retreat. Locate a space in your home that will be far from the noise and chaos of remodeling, and seek respite there when you need a slice of normalcy! 

2. Prepare for Highs and Lows. As we stated above, renovating is filled with peaks and valleys. Prepare for amazing, dream-come-true, mountaintop moments, and a few stressful surprises. Just remember, your building crew is on your team, they'll do their best to see your project through any storms that arise.

3. Make a Decision Game Plan. Beyond the unexpected, be ready to make a lot of decisions during your remodel. If that sounds overwhelming to you, be sure to go in with a game plan. Divide up decision-making areas between you and your spouse. Or if you're flying solo, divide decisions into smaller, more manageable, increments. 

4. Practice Flexibility. Above all, make flexibility your mantra. Tell yourself over and over again that it's okay if things don't always go according to plan. Building materials might not arrive on time or weather could delay construction. Things happen, keep your cool and go with the flow. Don't stress yourself with the little details; your contractor is looking out for your best interest!