Project Feature: Holiday-Ready Kitchen

Remodeling improves a home's everyday usability, but our favorite bonus? New spaces make hosting infinitely more appealing. We love helping people create homes that they want to share and show off! With the holidays only being a few weeks away, we wanted to feature one of favorite Christmas dinner ready client kitchens. 

This open and flowing space is perfect for hosting a big family feast! We all know guests are inevitably drawn to the kitchen (maybe it's all the delicious smelling food?), so why not plan for them? These cunning clients did just that! Instead of sidestepping traffic jams, a cook could easily prep dinner and chat with guests at the spacious countertop peninsula. Tasks are also separated easily by different kitchen stations. Someone could start on dishes without even interfering with the cook at the stovetop! 

Explore more of this timeless traditional kitchen below. It's the perfect balance of tasteful style paired with fresh, modern finishes!