Lakeville Basement Remodel

If there is one thing that we have learned during our many years in the construction and renovation business, it is that over time people’s homes become an intimate part of their life story – not unlike family or cherished memories.  Thus, some of our favorite projects are those in which we can adapt a home to better fit the needs of the family living there, allowing them to stay in the space for years to come.  We just wrapped up an exciting project in which we were able to do just that – the renovation of a Lakeville basement.

Over the course of ten weeks we took a family’s basement from a raw space to a beautiful, multi-functional area.  The family needed their basement to grow and change with them and to accommodate their many interests.  With that in mind, our build included the installation of a bar, a craft room, and a family media room.

This project had many elements.  We relied on cherry cabinets and trim to fill the space with warmth.  Slate tiles gave the basement bar a durable and characteristically beautiful flooring option, while carpet, used in the craft room and media room provided a warm and comfortable alternative in the family spaces.  We also had the opportunity to build a custom fireplace for the room and design and build custom cabinets for the majority of the area.

We were excited to have the opportunity to work closely with the homeowners from the very start of this build.  We not only did the construction, but also the design, working hand in hand with the family to incorporate personal touches and key amenities.  Our team worked very hard to tie-in and incorporate this space with the family’s existing home style.  In the end, our homeowners ended up with a beautiful basement that can grow and change with their family!