Empty Nesters: Taking Advantage Of A Bonus Room

If you have recently sent your child off to college in the last year or two you likely have an extra room newly vacated in your house.  You may want to take advantage of your new found space with one of these recommended room renovations (if your child allows you to):

  • Home Theater: Turn your extra room into your personal entertainment zone by installing a home theater.  Sound reducing walls to keep your noise in and distractions out, a projection system, and well thought out seating can make your home entertainment dreams a reality.  Don’t forget to consider dimming, ambient lighting and the optional installation of a popcorn machine for mid-show munchies.
  • Home Gym: Dust off your workout equipment and take your treadmill from a clothes drying rack to a functional piece ofequipment by giving it a home of its own.  Install functional wood floors, a cooling system for when you’re working up a sweat, and wall mirrors to check your form.  Then cancel your gym membership and prepare to enjoy your workout without a commute.
  • Home Office: Without kids underfoot you may be more inclined to work from home.  Whether you are using your home office for business calls or family bills, make the space work for you.  Custom cabinets designed to fit your space can help aid in organization and storage, and noise buffering walls can cut down on distractions.
  • Library: While it may seem a bit stuffy, if reading is one of your favorite past times why not give it a space all of its own?  Consider devoting one room to built in bookshelves for all of your favorite reads, comfortable seating (all the better for hosting your book club), and plentiful lighting.

Whatever your new lifestyle brings, we are here to help!  Contact us today to begin utilizing your bonus space.