Storage Solutions In The Bathroom

In a continuation of the storage series we started two weeks ago, today we are going to tackle clutter in another room of your house!  We last talked about kitchen storage solutions.  This week, we are going to be taking our organizational skills into the bathroom.

  • Add Storage: Many bathrooms lack a closet or other ample storage space making organization difficult.  If this is the case in your bathroom, place a repurposed cabinet, dresser or small armoire in your space to keep extra towels, linens or other supplies on hand.  Or, for the ultimate storage solution, contract a professional to install custom made cabinets perfect for any nook or cranny that you have available.
  • Clear Your Counter Space: In a room as functional as the bathroom, some countertop clutter is inevitable.  However, this doesn’t necessarily have to equate into messiness.  Cotton swabs, q-tips or other bulk grooming items can look in-place on countertops when stored in pretty glass jars or other decorative containers.
  • Shower Shelves:  Nothing is worse than trying to start your day with a warm shower only to be greeted by cluttered shelves along the rim of your tub.  Take your shower from a storage space to the sanctuary that it should be with in-shower shelving.
  • Manage With Magnets: Mount a magnetic strip above your bathroom sink.  Store toothbrushes, razors, and other daily use items on the strip by mounting small magnets to each tool before hanging them.  A tiny screw or metal washer placed on the back of your toothbrush will work as well if you don’t have an adhesive magnet handy!
  • Cabinet Cleaning: Make the most of under sink storage by keeping this space clean and useable.  Laying down squares of self-adhesive tile will not only brighten up an otherwise dull cubby; it will also create an easy, wipe-clean palette for future spills.

Next week we will be tackling the darkest of home organization dungeons – the basement!  Stop by next week for our basement solutions.