Remodeling With Your Pet In Mind

We build our homes to live in and enjoy with our families – every member of our families, including the four-legged ones.  In recognition of this, more and more homeowners are designing their spaces with their pets in mind.  In fact, a whopping 24% of Americans have invested in pet remodeling.  If you consider your pet part of the family tree, you may want to consider one of these tips for remodeling with your pet in mind.

Landscaping: Pets can wreak havoc on our lawns.  To make your landscaping more pet-friendly, line areas that you would like to keep pets out of – flower beds, gardens, etc. – with decorative trim or wood.  Also consider the materials being used in your yard.  For example, soft paws will prefer smooth flagstones and mulch as opposed to gravel or rocks.  Finally, if your yard is bare of shade, be sure to plant a large tree to provide a reprieve from the sun, when your pet is outdoors playing.

Flooring: Homeowners shouldn’t have to choose between a well maintained home and pet ownership.  However, they do need to choose flooring that holds up well to their animals.  While “hard flooring” such as laminate, wood, or tile will fare better than carpet, some of these harder materials can be prone to scratching.  Bamboo – the hardest of all the wood floors – fares great in high traffic situations as does stone, porcelain or ceramic tile.  If you do decide to go with hardwood or laminate floors, apply a few coats of industrial-strength polyurethane wood floor finish. Also, apply a protective wax to the floor. These products will help to make the floor scratch-resistant.  Color is also key – solid flooring colors will easily display any hair and dirt that your pet tracks in.  Choose flooring with a subtle pattern or mottled effect to best cover tracking.

Spare Your Bathroom: Nothing dirties the family washroom faster than a muddy dog or stinky cat in need of a bath.  To take these troubles out of the family’s space, consider using the plumbing in your laundry room to install a walk-in pet shower.  Not only are pet showers less intimidating to your animals, they’ll also save your back as your dog or cat will not need to be lifted in and out of the tub.

Custom Cabinetry: Whether you want to showcase your favorite furry friend or hide some of their day-to-day supplies, custom cabinets can be used for either option.  House a litter box out of the way in a cabinet with an open interior and easy floor entrance.  Modify a standard kitchen base cabinet to house a dog bed.  Install a shallow floor level drawer that pulls out like a tray, complete with feed bowls for an easy feeding solution.  Simply close the drawer when your dog is done with dinner for a tucked away finish!